“Little Runner” by Nicky Venus

NV metal wall (1)Nicky Venus is a quasi-elusive electro-popster who does all of his recordings in a secret closet in the back of his Bankers Hill apartment. He unapologetically channels the golden age of moody, electronic pop (the ’80s) with digi-beats, sharp synths, and a transatlantic accented vox such as on his debut EP, Little Runner, which was conceived while spontaneously traveling the Far East with a “laptop, backpack, and an unmailed letter.” The result is appropriately haunting, hypnotic, and brooding but Venus aptly describes it as a “highly danceable album about suffering for love.” Here’s the title track:

“I held your heart and let it go.”

Nicky Venus will perform on August 14th at Bar Pink.

Bar Pink Flyer

Nicky Venus: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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