“High Desert Fires” by High Desert Fires (Premiere)

RH_HDF_6561_FINALWhich came first: the song or the moniker? We may never know, but “High Desert Fires” is a majestic, anthemic single which splendidly captures the sweeping, vintage “California sound” that High Desert Fires evokes oh-so-well. Led by Chris Traynor (formerly of Helmet, Orange 9mm, Rival Schools and Bush), the Topanga Canyon-based music collective (or “chosen family”) all lived in the same house and communed daily until they produced their debut EP Light Is The Revelation (dropping August 21st via Grandfathers Tales). And of course in order to keep that authentic throwback vibe, the songs were recorded in mono and mixed to analog tape.

“Waking up the great white light inside of me.”

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3 thoughts on ““High Desert Fires” by High Desert Fires (Premiere)

  1. Danielle Guardino says:

    I just absolutely love the vibe of this. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Chris several times in my life, and this music is so peaceful and wonderful- just like he is

  2. hdub says:

    This song always, always brings a smile to my face. It is unlike anything I have heard. It is so smooth and relaxing, and then at the end it makes me wanna dance. I love it!

  3. rhea says:

    I love this song and this music. It just brings me such peace and happiness .

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