“NOT GONNA CRY” Music Video by Grace Kelly

11032149_940836892616743_5537899254500519691_oPart songwriter and part popster, Atwater Village denizen Grace Kelly is a tour de force armed with many instruments and a very keen voice. Her recently released debut EP, Lost Boy, was recorded with help from Taylor Locke (of Rooney) and Bob Morris (of Le Swish) and is a hodgepodge, pop-focused collection of bubblegum, folk, doo-wop, and indie rock party anthems such as “NOT GONNA TRY”:

“I’m not gonna cry tonight…”

And here’s its multicolored music video featuring Jeremy Harris, Kenzo Cardenas (both of Kid Cadaver), and Fil Thorpe-Evans (of Neck Deep) performing in the band.

Grace Kelly: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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One thought on ““NOT GONNA CRY” Music Video by Grace Kelly

  1. Brad Dailey says:

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!

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