Tennis System booked for June residency at The Echo

shevakafai-tennissystem-1Melodic shoegaze trio Tennis System just booked June’s Monday night residency at The Echo.


So Free Bike Valet and photographer Sheva Kafai (House After House) visited the band at their Echo Park home to shoot some 120mm pics and ask frontman Matty Taylor some questions.


Why did you decide to do a residency?

“We’ve always wanted to do one and have played a bunch of our friends’ [residencies], but had never been asked to do one. We’ve been holding out for The Echo.”


What does The Echo mean to you as a band?

“The Echo is one of our favorite venues in town. One of our first shows –since relocating to L.A.– was there and we’ve made it our home base. It’s the one place in town where we really feel comfortable playing and hanging out. We’re Part Time Punks regulars on and off the stage.”


What other bands will be performing your residency?

“The acts we’ve asked to join us are close friends, side projects, and bands we really dig. The Flash Hits, Night Jacket, Teenage Wrist, and some secret guests.”

What other Los Angeles-based bands/artists, past and present, do you admire?

Autolux, N.W.A., The Primals, Black Flag, Froth, Kendrick Lamar, Tropic of Cancer, Beck, Medicine, Phoebe Bridgers, Talk In Tongues, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band…”


What can we expect from your set every week?

“We’re going to be trying out new songs, playing a lot off of our latest release Technicolour Blind, some off of Teenagers, and some really old ones. Each week will be different. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can assure you won’t want to miss one. Each one builds off of the week prior.”


Do you have a pre-show ritual?

“I’ve got a couple. I don’t eat or drink anything with dairy for about a week prior to a show and always drink yerba mate before taking the stage.”


What are you looking forward to the most and hope to gain from this residency?

“Playing five weeks in a row with our best friends and some of our favorite L.A. bands. And we’re really hoping to obtain some more exposure and become a more known act in the L.A. music scene.”

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