“Love Is Just A Way To Die” Music Video by I Am Strikes

10620483_1500249563575079_5232454360021779212_oI Am Strikes is the indie pop project of Sacramento native Kelly Rosenthal. The young songstress recently leaked the track, “Love Is Just A Way To Die,” off her debut EP, Low Standards,’ (dropping June 23rd) which was brazenly inspired by a broken heart. Built on punchy digi-beats, haunting synths, and cynical lyrics, the single is melodic dark pop at its finest.

“If heaven is a place you’ll go, I don’t know if I will ever see you.”

And here’s the song’s horror-inspired B&W music video by Star Splitter Media.

I Am Strikes will begin tour with Oh Land on May 3rd.

I Am Strikes_Oh Land Tour poster

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