“Cotton Candy” by Name The Band

Name The Band por Dani Ometto - 2014 - Low01Name The Band is a moniker-challenged rawk act with origins in São Paulo but now acclimated within the Echo Park garage scene. Their latest single, “Cotton Candy,” was their first song to be recorded in the U.S. (courtesy of analog tapes and engineer Mark Rains at Station House Studio) and is off their forthcoming EP to be released on cassette via Wiener Records. With deeply buried proto-punk roots, the track carries an uncanny throwback vibe (inadvertently or not) to the jangle pop prime of early ’90s alt-rock (à la The Lemonheads) –an era when bands simply focused on catchy-yet-still-raw songcraft.

“I heard that Libra matches Taurus, but I don’t care if that’s true.”

Name The Band performs tonight (April 7th) at The Three Clubs.


And on April 9th at Canter’s Deli.


Name The Band: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeBandcampSoundcloud

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