"Careful You" Music Video by Britt Warner (Premiere)

BrittWarner-1Britt Warner has been busy. When she isn’t collaborating with artists such as Blackbird Blackbird, Tate Tucker, or Pell, she’s recording her second EP with producers Dan Heath (Lana Del Rey, BROODS) and Stefan Skarbeck (Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen). And recently she found the time to cover TV on the Radio‘s hit “Careful You” –perhaps to honor band member Dave Sitek (who she has also collaborated with). Warner gave the epic digi-pop single a balladeer’s touch by breathing a seductive voice over soft piano notes and recruited multi-instrumentalist Jordan Waré to provide violin. And the collaboration was so successful, the duo now plans to release an EP as October’s Child.

And here’s the song’s music video (created by Warner herself) which mainly contrasts between a rainy visit to LAX and a sunny day at a desert ranch:

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