"Alvarado" by Cristina Black

portrait_13The harp is the most angelic instrument ever, yet those who play it are few and far between. So when harpist Cristina Black isn’t performing with Nicole AtkinshoneyhoneyKan Wakan or Kera and the Lesbians, she’s appropriately composing “delicate songs that delve into dark matters.” That statement is attested by her latest requiem single, “Alvarado,” which recounts a fatal shooting near Black’s Angelino Heights home. She explains the inspiration by stating:

“My whole canon is about making beautiful music about sad situations that confuse me. And I don’t know anyone else in L.A., or anywhere, who is playing gang-bang death music on a harp.”

Cristina Black will perform tonight (February 11th) at Standard Hollywood for Desert Nights.


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