"Watch Out" Music Video by The Most Best (Premiere)

Most Best PressThe Echo Park music collective known as The Most Best came to its most recent incarnation after ringleader Andrew Phan (who formerly performed in De Lux) moved across the street from Psychic Love vocalist Laura Peters. The new neighbors soon collaborated and the Watch Out EP (dropping February 3rd) is the result. Here’s its title track which is an indie rock appropriation of funk pop resuscitated by Peters’ vox which channels Debbie Harry:

And its lo-fi music video:

The Most Best will perform at El Cid tonight (January 28th).

photo 1

And at Chain Reaction on February 26th.


The Most Best: Soundcloud

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3 thoughts on “"Watch Out" Music Video by The Most Best (Premiere)

  1. Britney says:


  2. Ryan says:

    Really stellar video! I like the use of projection and the editing is really great too

  3. Jim says:

    Loved the lo-fi video – well done

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