"Shotgun" Music Video by Bad Lands

40800009_1The coed collaboration called Bad Lands (formerly known as He Met Her) consists of recording artists Mowgli and Rocky. The Hollywood-based duo recently released their second EP, Love Heroes, with each track tributing an iconic celebrity couple. With diverse production from Justin Warfield (of She Wants Revenge), Simon Katz (of Youngblood Hawke), Danja (Justin Timberlake, Timbaland), and Alex Kickdrums (Lana Del Rey), the collection is a dope, edgy fusion of indie pop and trip-hop –or as the band describes: “the darker side of love and lust.” Here’s “Shotgun” which salutes the characters Kit and Molly from the film (and moniker inspiration) Badlands.

“Joints and naps and kisses are for breakfast. Maps and margaritas for lunch.”

And here’s its oh-so beautiful, slo-mo music video:

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