"Cyanide Lollipop" by Emily Gold (Premiere)

emlightsEmily Gold‘s sound is split between dream-pop haze and grunge rock fuzz as an unapologetic salute to the ’90s. Early next year she will follow-up her debut EP, Wrap You Up In Dreams, with a full-length, Recluse, which was co-written by producer David Burris who originally met Gold while classmates in high school. Here’s the album’s first leaked single “Cyanide Lollipop”:

“Cyanide lollipop, I’ll make your lips numb…”

And the album’s teaser video:

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One thought on “"Cyanide Lollipop" by Emily Gold (Premiere)

  1. Jessica says:

    Emily Gold is amazing! There is no one like her right now. I imagine big things for her future.

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