"Black Tongue" by GNTLMN

GNTLMNGNTLMN is the new project by Natalia Rogovin (of Social Studies) and Nima Kazerouni (of So Many Wizards and Crown Plaza). The duo formed when Rogovin returned to Highland Park after “self-imposed isolation in rural Northern California” and began to construct a breezy brand of dream pop built on digi-beats, sharp synths, and echoing guitar tones. Their psych-wave single, “Black Tongue,” is off their forthcoming debut EP which was produced by Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, Fool’s Gold) and soaks in a chillax eventide ambience:

GNTLMN will perform tomorrow (9-23) at Bootleg HiFi for Blind Date L.A. along with Denny White, Dark Waves, and TheBlack&TheWhite.


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