"Gateway to the West" Music Video by The Parallelograms

multicloud2Together, Stefanie King and Chris Curtis are The Parallelograms –a self-described “cult act” based in Echo Park who make electronic music sans computers by “balancing the precision of drum machines and sequencers with hand-played and random elements.” Nevertheless, their hazy brand of psych pop is a deliberate cosmic spectrum emitted by analog synths and layered harmonies. Their second album, Stratospheric Dreams (Great Brain), was recently released and includes the mind-wash single “Gateway to the West” which features Spencer Dunham (of Allah-las) on bass:

And here’s its retro-themed music video appropriately shot on Super 8 mm film all over Los Angeles and beyond…

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3 thoughts on “"Gateway to the West" Music Video by The Parallelograms

  1. davidian says:

    so good

  2. Andy Senasac says:

    Delicious spacey pop. The Wondermints meet Flash Gordon.

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