"BLACKOUT" Music Video by FRANKIE (Premiere)

imageFRANKIE is a young rad chick originally from Oakland but now kicks it around Larchmont Village after her college friend/collaborating producer, Petros, convinced her to move down south. Now reunited, they’re recording FRANKIE‘s debut EP which she claims was mostly conceived from bedroom daydreams –which might expound her blatant candy-bop edge. And like HOLYCHILD and Sophie & The Bom Boms before her, FRANKIE‘s first leaked single, “BLACKOUT,” encourages a shameless pursuit of joie de vivre via digi-beats, quirky effects, and a fabulous poptastic vibe:

And here’s the song’s accompanying music video which was shot around Eagle Rock and Ventura by the always reliable director Jancarlo Beck:

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4 thoughts on “"BLACKOUT" Music Video by FRANKIE (Premiere)

  1. Maria Lopez-Knowles says:

    This rocks!

  2. Liza Paulino-Knowles says:

    Love it!!

  3. Michael Brandon says:

    Sweet work my dear!! You sound great and a great presentation for some clever lyrics.

  4. Sebastian Brown says:

    Wonderful! Where can I see her in concert?

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