"Vaseline" by Washing Machines

IMG_7834Washing Machines spawned when Lucas Pearl (guitar/vocals) and Le’lani Lan’caster (electric mandolin/vocals) met at the D.I.Y. venue The Smell. Soon after, they were jamming on the floor of Lan’caster’s Hollywood apartment with some practice amps, pedals, and the mutual desire to be “loud.” Eventually they recruited a rotating rhythm section and named themselves after a Sonic Youth album. Their second EP, Quick Fix (Summer Bummer Records), is a brazen reply to the psych-surf vibes of their peers as they continue a raucous mission statement by honoring early ’90s grunge acts. Here’s the angry pop scuzz ode “Vaseline”:

Danny Bobbe (of LA Font) will soon release Quick Fix as a cassette via his new label I Love You Just The Way You Were as the band plans to release two more EPs and their debut full-length, Cheap Fun, by the end of this year.

Washing Machines will next perform tomorrow (Saturday, April 26th) at Origami Vinyl.


And on Sunday, April 27th at the Bootleg Theater along with HOTT MT, Moon Honey, and Kissing Cousins.


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