"Airplanes" (Mount Cyanide remix) Music Video by Naama Kates (Premiere)

trolleyPiano poptress Naama Kates returns with a variant of “Airplanes” off her latest album King For The Day. The remix comes courtesy of Mount Cyanide who also produced her first album The Unexamined Life.


The new version carries an underlying ominous vibe with majestic intentions via brooding synths and heavy digi-beats. Long gone is the solitary hush pop of the original. Kates claims her new forthcoming third album, Souled, will carry a similar tone due to Mount Cyanide producing again. Director Luis Aguirre was recruited once more (“King For The Day“) to create the music video and via time-lapses and double exposures he succeeded in syncing the mood:

“Airplanes” (Mount Cyanide remix) will be available along with “Beautiful Night” (Mount Cyanide remix) on Tuesday, April 15th by Listen Deep.

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