"In The Fire" Music Video (Premiere)

kiven_premiereKiven‘s self-titled debut LP was released last month and is a collection of intricate rock melodies leading to ferocious soars.


Its first single “In The Fire” is a perfect gripper for the spirit of the album, so naturally the band decided to create an accompanying music video. Despite some initial hesitation they still hired a director and shot it in Silver Lake, but in the end they couldn’t bring themselves to release it. Frontman Tyler Demorest explains:

“We aren’t actors and we find it silly that we have to dress up and pretend to sing and play our instruments for a music video while breaking our already limited indie budget. Instead, we did a live recording of the song and provided a visual we made on our own with the hope that fans will watch and get lost in the screen –diverting their attention to the music instead of the video.”

So here is the music video/visual accompaniment for “In The Fire.” And regardless if you obey or ignore its instructions, you will be hypnotized:

And here’s the live video of the song being recorded at EastWest Studios:

Free Bike Valet is proud to present Kiven‘s first residency show on Wednesday, April 2nd at Hemingway’s Lounge along with Yellow Red Sparks and Dead Right. And it’s free!


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  1. Such a rad song! Love the live performance!