"Spinning Signs" by Painted Palms

photo-by-Andy-DeSantisCousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme grew up together in Lafayette, Louisiana but became separated when Donohue moved to San Francisco. The long distance forced the duo to write songs The Postal Service-style by sending the tracks back and forth. But even when Prudhomme eventually moved to the Mission District, they strangely continued to collaborate this way. Together as Painted Palms, they recently released their debut LP Forever (Polyvinyl Records) which consciously carries a vintage pop structure delivered by buoyant blasts of psychedelia-laced melodies. And it’s no wonder that Of Montreal‘s Kevin Barnes has taken them under his wing. Here’s their lead single “Spinning Sign”:

Painted Palms will next perform at the Bootleg Bar on Tuesday, March 4th along with HOLYCHILD, R.L. Kelly, and Kid Trails.

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