"Johnny Kiss" by Okapi Sun

Photoby_Andre_Couturier_Matret-Okapi_Sun-s2_5283Maren “Leo” Parusel (the red-head) and Gabriela “Dallas” Sanchez (not the red-head) originally met in a Berlin nightclub but later teamed up in North Park to create a self-described “tribal pop dance party” as Okapi Sun. The chick duo just leaked the first single (“Johnny Kiss”) off their debut LP Techno Prisoners (Phaedra Records) which drops on Tuesday, April 29th and was recorded by Ethan Allen (of Gram Rabbit) and Neal H. Pogue (Janelle Monae, M.I.A.). Laced with shameless electro fun, the album will make you wish more EDM ravers picked up instruments:

Okapi Sun will next perform this Saturday, February 1st at Hotel Cafe.


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