"Summer Girl" by The Pocket Rockets (Premiere)

IMG_6938Summer might be over, but don’t tell that to power trio The Pocket Rockets. These East L.A. kids might not know what a season is, but they do know that it’s always play time in SoCal –hence their latest swift pop single “Summer Girl”:

The song is the second track (after “Somewhere We Can Be Alone“) to be leaked from their forthcoming release on Sonata Cantata Records. The as yet to be titled EP was mixed and mastered by Jon Siebels (formerly of Monsters Are Waiting, currently of Eve Six) at Clifton Studios.

The Pocket Rockets will next perform at Almost Holden Collective on Thursday, November 21st with Fartbarf, Gazoota, Polyan And The Johnson Sisters, and Church Of Sun.


And then on Friday, November 29th at Fenix 5-4 with The Tee Pees, Devil McCoy, and Karimel Days.


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