"Regret" Music Video by Levels (Premiere)

widget_background_223919_254104858026929_1896086533_nOver a year ago, the Pomona-based threesome Levels (Cody Wilson, Roxy Evensen, and Mikey Rollingchild) released a live video of their garage-pop single “Regret” and now thanks to director Eric Ekman it has an official music video. Starting out as a random concert in an enclosed space with a seemingly unimpressed captive audience, the setting turns gory, catastrophic, and horrific before even the second chorus kicks in:

FBV wanted to know more about the making of the music video so we asked Wilson a few questions:

How did you come up with the concept for this music video?
“The video was actually a concept bred by Rotting Soil‘s Ben Hethcoat and Eric Ekman –the producer and director of the project. We were all getting bombed at El Cid after a show and they went in with this pitch. It was gnarly and we loved it.”
Is the band a fan of horror and gore?
Evil Dead is one of my favorite movies of all time. Roxy’s addicted to them. Mikey used to pass on them but now he doesn’t really have a choice. Also huge fans of David Cronenberg.”
How did you find the director Eric Ekman?
“Eric Ekman was introduced to me by his counterpart Ben Hethcoat. Ben and I go way back to when I was writing songs about bags of crap in high school. The two work together with their production company Rotting Soil and have done some really incredible stuff.”
Where was the video shot?
“We shot it at a couple locations. One in town at an undisclosed studio space and the other in the desert at a horse rescue. It wouldn’t have gotten done without the help of Mark Register and David Lasman.”
How did you find your “audience” in the video?
“Most of the audience were our friends. A couple of people we met on set after a few Craigslist ads. They did an amazing job. We can’t thank them enough. It wouldn’t have worked without them.”
Where did your bassist Roxy find such a cool outfit?
“Roxy has got serious style. I follow her lead. Think she found that hat at Goodwill or something. The wardrobe department killed it too with the rest of the gear. Big ups to Rachel Hranka and Monica Chamberlain. That thing Roxy was wearing was heavy as hell!”

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