"Difference" Album Teaser Video by StaG (Premiere)

StaG_3StaG‘s third album Difference should be released in the new year, but for now they’ve released a teaser video that appropriately sets its mood with ambient tones over riveting (and sometimes bizarre) clips. Directed by Daniel Goldhaber, the video achieves its purpose by leaving us craving more…

The band has been friends since childhood, so this album could be the collective result of a lifetime bond. Or as guitarist/vocalist Will Walden explains:

“The video does a good job of conveying some of the themes of the record as a whole. It’s all about reckless abandon and bursting out of a protective shell. It highlights important individual moments in people’s introspective lives. In some cases they’re lovely and instantly nostalgic, while in others they’re true moments of desperation, helplessness, and surrender.”

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