"Penelope" by Zak Waters

PROMO_2013-2Zak Waters recently leaked the first track off his highly anticipated LP Lip Service. The debut album gives a home to previous singles (“Skinny Dipping In The Deep End” and “Runnin Around”) but also reliably delivers a lot of new electro funk (“$500”) and smooth soul pop (“Sleeping In My T-Shirt) while opener “Penelope” gives a hilarious confession of love from a young man to his former babysitter:

“Oh Penelope, where are you now? I’m old enough to take you out…”

FBV asked Waters the story behind the lyrics of “Penelope” and he replied:

“‘Penelope’ is a perfect intro to my album. For me, Penelope was hot baby sitter I had growing up. Wasn’t her actual name but now that I’m old enough for her, I’m like ‘What’s up Penelope? I’m a man now and ready!'”

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