"Thanks For Nothing" Music Video by Great White Buffalo

2Great White Buffalo recently released a music video for “Thanks For Nothing” which is the opening track off their latest self-titled EP. The song is an upbeat power shot of grit-pop melodic rock that superbly captures the band’s live energy –so the video had to naturally correspond. Guitarist Stephen Johnson helped explain the concept to FBV:

“What we wanted to achieve with the video was to have a straight live performance to give the feel of our live show. A lot of people who listen to our music haven’t seen us play live yet, so we figured we’d throw them a bone. It’s our first official video so we wanted to show the whole ‘Who we are, what we do thing.’ We wanted to give the venue the dirty-warehouse dungeon-crackhouse vibe to give it some ambiance.” 

We wanted to know more about the making of the video so we interviewed the director Stefanie Visser:

How did you come up with the treatment for this video?
“The guys really wanted a performance heavy video and we were sitting around one day brainstorming some ideas and we came up with doing a kind of underground, secret party type thing. Then I was just like, ‘What if everyone has to follow buffalo symbols to find the location?’ It grew from there.”
Who is the “concert hunter” actress?
“That is Nina. She is Stephen’s girlfriend. She was so great and stayed up all night with us to shoot all her parts around the city.”
Where did you film it?
“AJ the DP and I actually went to a few crazy parties at the place we ended up shooting. It seemed like one of those empty, warehouse type Downtown L.A. buildings you end up at the end of the night. We then found out someone actually lives there and they were awesome enough to let us shoot there.”

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