"Playboy Girl" Music Video by HOLYCHILD

DSC_2345_zps3769b950HOLYCHILD released a music video for their second single “Playboy Girl” off their unreleased EP Mind Speak and it reinforces the band’s assumed mission statement: to make fun rad pop music covered in sugar and spice. Directed by Jancarlo Beck (who also shot the band’s latest press pictures), the video showcases band members Liz Nistico and Louie Diller alongside cute young women stuffing their faces with sweets –that is when they are not dancing in front of a projected erotica film:

Free Bike Valet wanted to know more about the making of the music video, so we interviewed Beck:

How did you come to work on this music video with HOLYCHILD?
“Liz showed me the treatment she was working on before it was even done and I was in.”
Did the song’s lyrics influence the treatment?
“Yeah overall everything HOLYCHILD does is part of a bigger picture. The treatment for the video was definitely just another way to tell the same story.”
Where was it shot?
“It was shot at Liz and Louie’s crib.”
How did you acquire so many sweets?
“My girlfriend Sasha was the art director so you can thank her for the eye candy. Also as a side note, on the left side of the table there is a hamburger cake. It was so rad looking no one wanted to eat it. It was left there untouched for almost the entire shoot until Liz finally smashed it in Louie’s face.”
Where did you find the vintage erotica film footage?
“We would have to kill you if we told you…”
Did you choreograph all the dances moves as well?
“No (laughs), Liz came up with the choreography. My job was to make sure it looked good on camera.”

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