"In The Valley" by Jake McMullen

R1-03338-009AJake McMullen is a young man from Yorba Linda who writes folk pop driven by rock rhythms or acoustic strums. Now a beach bum in Redondo Beach, he also fronts the rock act York but just released a split EP with Anaheim native Ellex Bree. His solo work is earnest and enthralling as if told from an old soul who just hitchhiked across the country and back. Close your eyes and let McMullen and Bree’s voices paint you a dream on “In The Valley”:

And here’s a live video of the duo performing the song at the Contemporary Music Center in Brentwood, TN:

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0 thoughts on “"In The Valley" by Jake McMullen

  1. Donna Thieme says:

    Jake, You will soon be famous. Donna Thieme