"Cloudy" Music Video by Rare Times

RT_main_credit_mike harrisThere’s a new breed of pop music spreading through the City of Angels (see Motion Cntrl, Dead Times, Inc) and it’s dark, moody, but ultimately invigorating. Downtown-based Rare Times continues the wave by blending synth pop beats over silky vocals. It’s nocturnal music enveloped by a dreamy aesthetic haunted by neon lights and vacant streets. Their aptly titled EP Mist (Feel So Real) was released this summer and is the second of a trilogy.


And here’s the lo-fi dark-toned music video directed by Sus Boy and Mike Harris for the germane single “Cloudy”:

Free Bike Valet is proud to present Rare Time‘s show tonight at the Bootleg Bar along with Finish Ticket and HOLYCHILD.

Holychild 9-26

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