"95, When Black Was New" by GUIDES

guides_pressphoto2(no text)Silver Lake‘s GUIDES was founded by former Marjorie Fair bandmates Chris Cogswell and Jayson Larson who eventually recruited David Garcia and Be Hussey of the Radar Brothers. Together the scene veterans create raw indie rock with a mellow vibe that nods to early the ’90s. They’ve been recording at Hussey’s Comp-ny studio in the Equestrian District and plan to release a three song 7″ via Garcia’s label Albino Crow Music.  But for now you can enjoy the lax “95, When Black Was New”: 

GUIDES will next perform at the La Brea Summer Garage Jam presented by Free Bike Valet this Sunday, September 15th along with Freedom FryWarships, OONA, and The Low. Come out. It’s free!

District La Brea Summer Garage Jam 2013 FINAL - 9.15.13

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