"Road to High Sierra" Mini-Docu by Miner

7544458218_4dcc524340_bMiner performed at the sold-out 23rd annual High Sierra Music Festival in the NorCal town of Quincy and created a video documenting their travels over the five hundred plus miles across the great state of California to get there…

Free Bike Valet wanted more commentary on the video so we interviewed frontman Justin Miner:

What type of cameras did you use to shoot this video and who shot it?  

“We literally shot with anything that was handy —we used iPhones, flip-cams, and a still camera that also does some video. It was filmed collectively by whoever happened to be available and holding a camera, so in the end we just dumped all the footage from everyone into a folder and chopped it together.”

What is the song being played during the video?

“It is an instrumental version of a forthcoming track off the new record called ‘Last Night.'”

What was the itinerary for this trip and tour?

“This was a short trip based around the Fourth of July weekend, so we hit San Diego/Casbah, Sacramento/Harlow’s and the High Sierra Festival, where we ended up playing four shows in total. Then we came home and started our Bootleg Theater residency here in L.A. the next day.”

Was this your longest and biggest tour to date? What did you travel in? 

“Yeah, we’re still kind of in our infancy and most people still have jobs so I think this was the longest this band has been on the road at once. We’d obviously love to get on the road for a much much longer stretch in the future. For this trip we were in a very roomy and comfortable rented Sprinter van which made the trip a lot easier.”

Since Miner is a “family band” was this tour more like a family vacation? Did you take the scenic route and visit any landmarks? 

“Everyone in the van has known each other forever, so it’s a lot of laughing and fun wherever we go.  It’s also nice that we can comfortably sit in silence when necessary or listen to music together or whatever. We didn’t have a ton of time for sightseeing, but the road to High Sierra through the mountains was incredibly beautiful.”

Any mishaps or snafus along the way?

“Well, I think it was halfway along the drive on the first day that the air conditioning on the van broke down and it was over 100 degrees out so we had to get that working before we could continue.  And then at the end we also ended up with a leaking tire that thankfully still got us home, although the van had to be towed the next day.”

When is your next big trip/tour?

“We have a couple out of town dates in September and we’re currently booking another small run in October around our Visalia date that should be announced in the next week or so.  More to come for sure!”

Will you film that as well? 

“We made a conscious effort to film the Fourth of July trip, both because it was our first jaunt on the road and so we’d have something to remember it by. As we do longer trips, I’m sure we’ll end up with enough footage soon enough to whip something else up.”

Miner‘s soon to be released debut album was mixed by Dave Trumfio (WilcoTerraplane Sun) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (Avi Buffalo).

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