"Rounder" by Fever The Ghost

fevertheghostcorganalielightn2nd_0088 copyNot too long ago Fever The Ghost crashed the Echo Park scene and flummoxed all who were encountered. They play psychedelic pop rock that could have been plucked from a Cold War-era energy drink commercial and claim to be “under direct supervision from the Swell Swan corporation” (which sounds like a Dharma Initiative subsidiary but just might be their own record label). And they’re often accompanied by back up dancers –in gold bodysuits. But while they have your attention, don’t forget to enjoy the show and move.

Fever The Ghost‘s first 7″ was produced by Luther Russell via analog recording and includes the single “Rounder”:

And here’s a live video of the band’s third performance which includes “Rounder” and “Long Tall Stranger”:

Fever The Ghost will perform tonight at Kiev‘s last August residency show along with Warships and Among Savages at the Bootleg Bar. Come out! It’s free.


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3 thoughts on “"Rounder" by Fever The Ghost

  1. […] exciting and great for us. There are a lot of great bands in L.A. at the moment like Gothic Tropic, Fever The Ghost, Carina Round, and Deap Vally. I’d like to think of L.A. as our home now […]

  2. name here says:

    its white stripes with a synth

  3. Harvey Davis says:

    this band rocks!!! look out rock n roll pretenders…

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