"Psycho Betty" Music Video by Rainbow Jackson

Rainbow Jackson 2787_1Echo Park‘s favorite psych-grit party-rockers Rainbow Jackson return with a music video for the first single off their forthcoming Perpetual Summer EP. Frontman Chad Carlisle commented on the song and video:

“The song ‘Psycho Betty’ is about anything that goes from something seemingly good or innocent to something twisted and evil in a swift change of events. It sounds like it’s about a girl, but it’s actually about a guitar. For the video concept we worked with our friends Cousin Video to make something a bit campy and weird without straying too far from the main idea of the song.”

The video also features Kat Pawlak of Sad Robot as the titular Betty, who also sings back up vocals on the track. Carlisle commented on his casting choice:

“We wanted someone to play Psycho Betty that is equally as badass as she is cute. Being the lead singer of Sad Robot and a rocker in her own right made Kat perfect for the part.”

Watch her crash a backyard kegger/concert and get snubbed –but she still ends up stealing the show:

With such a bizarre yet captivating music video, Free Bike Valet decided to interview the directing duo Cousin Video:

How did you two meet and begin collaborating on music videos?
“We began making music videos out of necessity.  Our band, Professor Possessor, was in need of music videos and so we decided to take a stab at it.”
How many music videos have you produced and for who?
“We have produced nine music videos: one for Rainbow Jackson, one for Big Moves, and seven for ourselves.  Ha, ha.”
How did you get in touch with Rainbow Jackson to create the music video for “Psycho Betty”?
“We met Chad and Sam at a Fourth of July party at our manager’s house.  We actually have the same manager.  They had been talking about getting us to direct a demonic type video for them.  Demons, blood, and bald babes are kind of our forte.”
Where was the music video shot?
“The video was shot in Echo Park and Silver Lake.  Some very kind and patient people let us invade their personal space for a couple of days.”
The font used for “Rainbow Jackson” has a retro look to it. Was this on purpose?

“Yeah, we wanted it to feel like you were watching one of those late night sex comedies from the early 90’s. USA Up All Night type stuff.”

The music video’s ending is bizarre and fun. What inspired this?
“The ending was actually the bands original idea.  When the band asked us to do the video, they had wanted Betty to turn into a demon at the end.  We just fleshed it out a little.”
What can we expect next from you?
“We have a couple new Professor Possessor music videos in the works.  Keeping it weird.”

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  1. Jennifer Lewis says:

    Dude – Rainbow Jackson is my favorite LA band. They always put on a killer show. These guys are going places.

  2. […] Rainbow Jackson has been busy. When they aren’t writing songs or tattooing each other at their communal home in Echo Park (previously shared with Vanaprasta), they’ve been playing every stage, parking lot, and hole in the wall throughout the city –or at least skating around it. Their raw guitar riffs allow them to blend in with the garage rock crowd, but lying beneath their denim vests is a heart for epic melodies. Their second EP, Perpetual Summer, will be released digitally on February 18th and via vinyl on March 5th by Kill/Hurt Records. Here’s its opening track “Heartbreakers” which shreds like a Southern rock ripper: […]