"Magnetic Love" Live Video by Raw Geronimo

raw-geronimo_1Raw Geronimo is an Echo Park-based co-ed sextet founded by Laena Geronimo (also of Swahili Blonde and The Like). She recruited more scene veterans (members of Black ApplesJeffertiti’s Nile, etc.) to form the band and the collaboration spawned “mesmerizing live tribal seances, epic ballads, and high-energy performances.” After two seven inches, their debut LP Dream Fever was recently released by Neurotic Yell Records.


Recorded by Mark Rains, the album continues to ride the wave of SoCal surf-pop garage rock that Bleached helped break through. But certain songs (like the first single “Magnetic Love”) carry a vintage vibe befitting a moonlit kiss before escalating into a soar. Here’s a live video of the song directed By Tony Corella and performed at the Station House Studio:

Raw Geronimo will next perform on Monday, August 12th for Kiev‘s second residency night at the Bootleg Theater along with Dark Furs and Vum.


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