"Sirens Of Titan" (feat. Slide Show) Music Video by Braainzz

press pic 2Braainzz is the lo-fi “shroom folk” outlet for Highland Park denizen Illie Nelson. Don’t even try to understand why the project started out as a tongue-in-cheek hip-hop group or why he (and his collaborators) still choose to go by their “street” stage names –something about anonymity? But instead, you should just close your eyes and focus on the music’s psych-pop sensibilities and sonic experimentation. Their debut EP Everybody Loves Raymond (named after the sitcom of the same name) is the first of four planned to be released this year (one of which will only be Lana Del Rey covers).

ELR album artwort

A music video was shot by director Douglas Burgdorff for the first single “Sirens Of Titan” and features Braainzz collaborator Mrs. God running topless (with smoke bomb curlers?) through Yucca Valley‘s desert at dawn. The video is almost as hypnotic as the song:

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