"Get Me Golden" Music Video by Terraplane Sun

terraplanesun_press1Venice Beach‘s soulful sons Terraplane Sun made a new music video for their catchy-as-hell psych-blues single “Get Me Golden.”


Apparently the original malevolent Mexican marionettes version by Hso Hkam was pulled. The newer and much better version was shot at the Variety Arts Theatre in Downtown LA and directed by Noel Maitland. The treatment is a homage to the The Rolling Stone’s “Jumping Jack Flash” video from 1968 –warpaint and makeup must be perennial to blue-based rock bands…

And in case you wanted more insight, frontman Ben Rothbard delves into song’s message:

“‘Golden’ was written with the notion that if you really want something, you gotta go and get it. One thing we’ve learned as a band, and even as just individuals, is that very little will fall in your lap… and if it does, chances are it won’t happen again. You need to really go after exactly what you want, whether it’s love, a goal, a challenge, etc.”

Terraplane Sun‘s latest Friends EP was re-mixed and re-mastered to be re-released as the Ya Never Know EP on July 16th via Trauma 2 Records.


Tonight, they will kick off the Santa Monica Pier‘s 29th annual Twilight Concert Series by opening for Surfer Blood. And yes, there will be actual “free bike valet” at this concert.


And since this is the band’s largest concert to date in proximity to their beloved neighborhood, we asked frontman Ben Rothbard to tell us about his favorite local haunts:

Best music venue

“The best Venice music venue without question used to be The Stronghold, during its brief, but magical era.  The best venue now would have to be the Del Monte Speakeasy located below the Townhouse. They managed to bring in some quality acts, including The Doors and Jane’s Addiction way back in the day. Place has a ton of history and is actually the only relatively legit venue in town.”
Best bar
James’ Beach is our spot. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll find one or more of us there on any given night of the week. Best staff around!”
Best eatery for a hangover cure

Hinano‘s cheese burgers and a draft will cure even the most vicious hangover.”

Best beach spot

“North side of the Venice pier has had its moments of glory this summer.”

Best street performer

“There was a band set up in front of The Waterfront last summer that was really good. Not sure if they’re still around though. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same old characters rollin’ around.”

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