"Walk It Off" by Jacqueline Caruso (Premiere)

Jacqueline CarusoJacqueline Caruso has finally decided to release music as just herself. Formerly one half of Thurlow with her husband Augustus Green, she went on to release a solo album under the moniker Swan that produced a collection of hushed sincerity but perhaps never unleashed Caruso’s authentic persona. No longer hiding behind a project, Caruso moved to the Arts District and conjured the same happy inner muse she discovered when playing her great-grandmother’s baby grand piano as a child. The result is piano-driven fizz-pop filled with such an effervescent that it makes Caruso sound like the genuine romantic she truly is. Here’s her first single “Walk It Off”:

Jacqueline Caruso will perform at the WitZend at 3:00 PM this Saturday, June 22 as part of Free Bike Valet‘s showcase for the Venice Music Crawl. Also performing is Lipstick Lumberjack, Phoebe Bridgers, The Californian, Halfbluud, Lost On Purpose, Jim And Sam, The Get Down Boys, Steffaloo, and The Cerny Brothers. And it’s FREE!


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