"Woman" by Bom Bom

imageSophie Stern and David Greenbaum met while students at Berklee College in Boston, but at some point they moved back west to Venice Beach (or Malibu? or Santa Monica?) and became transient beach bums called Bom Bom. They claim their bombastic pop-driven single “Woman” came to them in a dream and was shamelessly influenced by ’90s R&B –but that’s quite obvious after hearing Stern’s gung-ho vocals and buoyant beats.

Bom Bom will be “droppin’ love” at Jubilee this Saturday, June 8th.


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0 thoughts on “"Woman" by Bom Bom

  1. Pete says:

    That sounds really good! Something up beat. Awesome! Got any more?

  2. […] Bom Bom fans can finally keep jamming since the beach-city bums just leaked the other two tracks (“Pray,” “Bad Men”) off their highly anticipated debut self-titled EP. And both songs deliver just as much delicious bombastic pop, gung-ho vocals, and buoyant beats as their first single “Woman.” […]