"Bleeding Heart" Music Video by Burning Jet Black

BJBBlackBGLARGEWhen it comes to authentic rock ‘n’ roll, Burning Jet Black is the real deal. Just like dirty roadhouse regulars, the West LA-based quartet would never be caught dead onstage with beat pads or laptops. They just plug in, crank up, and rock out gritty blues covered in sweat and delivered with a heavy soul. Their debut EP, The Modern Egotist, was recorded at Studio Rev and released last year.


Their third single, “Bleeding Heart,” features a music video directed by Daniel Mercaldi as a follow-up to the very popular video for “Magazine Girl.”

Free Bike Valet wanted to know more about the making of the video so we asked Mercaldi a few questions:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

“The idea for the ‘Bleeding Heart’ video was just a response to the guys wanting a simple concept that could showcase their energy and aggressive sound. I’ve known Burning Jet Black for a long time and their live shows are incredible. I wanted to capture the raw intensity of the band without letting the video get in the way. We did some takes with the song playback at 66% speed so the video could be sped up during the chorus while still staying in sync with the original recording. The guys hated pretending to play their instruments so slowly, but the end result actually looked pretty cool.”

Where was it filmed?

“We filmed at Burning Jet Black’s rehearsal space in Downtown LA. We transformed the room by hanging canvas drop cloths on the walls and painting words all over them.”

What are all the sentences and sayings written on the walls?

“The sentences on the walls are actually the lyrics to ‘Bleeding Heart.’ The idea was to make it look like someone had written different drafts of the song over a period of time while stuck in this strange room, perhaps on a spiral into madness… kind of like the typewriter in The Shining.”

Are they supposed to look like they were written in blood?

“Could be blood, graffiti, whatever’s your pleasure.”

Burning Jet Black will perform this Tuesday night at The Central for Rainbow Jackson‘s second residency night along with Levels and Act As If.


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