"Simpler" Music Video by Raheem Cohen

Raheem Cohen - Group (Crop) ©KiinoVillandSilver Lake‘s Raheem Cohen are pop rock at heart but their songs are always petted down with smooth soul vocals only to be ruffled back up with spurts of funk tempo. Maybe it’s their spry energy, optimistic outlook, or lack of interest to copycat that makes these three brothers (and two friends) create a naturally hip and organic sound. The music video for their single “Simpler” (directed by Kiino Villand and featuring pro skater Paulo Diaz) showcases their leisure life: city park goofing, soccer ball juggling, and of course playing at the studio.

Free Bike Valet and The Burning Ear are co-presenting Raheem Cohen‘s next show at the Bootleg Bar this Monday, April 15th with Gavin and Free Food. And it’s free!


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