"Do You Think You're Enough" Music Video by Pyyramids

pyyramids-color-2Pyyramids is the coed collaboration between Tim Nordwind (guitarist from OK Go) and Drea Smith (vocalist from He Say/She Say). They were introduced via email and wrote their first songs together before they even met. Their EP Human Beings was released in 2011 on Paracadute Recordings (OK Go‘s record label) but this Tuesday, April 9th their debut LP Brightest Darkest Day will drop.


Dark and deep, the Silver Lake-based duo continues their post-punk edge but now it’s delivered with even heavier electronic beats and sonic synths. And cutting through it all is Smith’s soulfully intact voice. But it’s best stated in the band’s bio on how “this is a darker vision of pop that intersects at the drugged-out clubs at 2:00 AM and the hidden alleyways of the imagination.” Their first single “Do You Think You’re Enough” features a music video that was directed by Michelle Peerali:

Pyyramids will next perform at The Satellite on Thursday, May 2nd.

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