"Help Yourself" Music Video by Naama Kates (Premiere)

20121106_naama_kates_244-EditPiano poptress Naama Kates returns with her sophomore album entitled King For The Day. As if haunted by jazz, she hasn’t lost her “girl (performing-in-the-bar) next door” charm and delivers more cabaret chic pop that’s lacquered with cigarette smoke and sultry whispers…

King for the Day covers-4 copy 2

Her second single “Help Yourself” is accompanied by a music video that is Kates’ darkest to date. Created remotely by New York-based director Aaron Lehmann, Kates recorded her domestic routines (and her cat Masha) by hanging her iPhone with a clothes hangar in the corner of her Los Feliz apartment. Lehmann later added the digital special effects and himself appearing as “the stalker painter.” The final result is a chilling abstract view of voyeurism:

Naama Kates “Help Yourself” Music Video from Lehmann Film Productions on Vimeo.

In order to truly interpret the video, we asked Lehmann a few questions:

How did you come to direct this video?

“I’ve worked with Naama before on my thesis film, years ago.  I’ve always been a fan of her work, so I thought the release of her new album was a good opportunity to collaborate again.”

How did you decide to come up with the concept for the video?

“For whatever reason, ‘Help Yourself’ struck a chord with me.  All my inspiration came from listening to the song and letting my imagination go with it.”

What is the scary face that appears on the TV screens?

“The face-painted demon is ‘death-in-waiting,’ or the grim reaper.”


Naama Kates will perform next at Room 5 on Friday, April 26th.

You can purchase “King For A Day” on CD Baby.

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