"Second Summer" Music Video by Yacht

2011_YACHT-2Some things are just meant to be admired from afar or embraced without question, because trying to understand YACHT (Young Americans Challenging High Technology) is like trying to hit on someone who doesn’t speak your own language: you can try, but it might be frustrating. The Silver Lake-based co-ed duo Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans are performance artists as much as musicians and express their electric taste through all mediums such as print, video, art, and fashion.

But really, they just want to make you dance. As if DJs trying to be in a band, their digital beats are lacquered with occasional instruments, sing-talk vocals, and a pop edge that can’t be ignored. Recently, they teamed up with ADHD to create an animated music video for their latest single “Second Summer” (DFA Records) and according to Bechtolt via their press release it features…

“…the ultimate manifestation of our spirit animal, the Smiangle, morphing from an impersonal signifier of mystical subtext into something completely alive, surreal, and psychotropic.”

See what we mean?

YACHT will perform this Saturday, March 30th for All Bands On Deck! at the Santa Monica Pier along with Poolside, Kisses, Them Jeans, Guns In The Sun, and DJ Mario Cotto. And yes, there will be actual free bike valet at this event.

All Bands On Deck Poolside

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