"Skinny Love" Live Video by Sunday Lane & Max Helmerich (Cover)

SundayLaneSanta Monica‘s Sunday Lane is a petite piano poptress whose songs evoke a good morning: bright, refreshed, and full of optimism. But one evening at her parent’s empty rural house in Tulsa, she collaborated with her brother Max Helmerich on covering one of Bon Iver‘s most beloved songs: “Skinny Love.” Director Nathan Presley floats around the room unnoticed like a ghost and captures the singers’ intimate duet. Perhaps this is how Justin Vernon truly meant for this song to be played: as an open confession sung between a man and a woman.

Sunday Lane‘s debut full length album is From Where You Are.

Sunday Lane album_1

She will be performing at Hotel Cafe this Sunday along with Fauntella Crow.


Sunday Lane’s Official Site, Sunday Lane on Facebook, Sunday Lane on Twitter, Sunday Lane on YouTube

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