"Too Fast Too Close" Music Video by The Lexingtons

5Echo Park‘s The Lexingtons claim in their bio that their music’s core theme is “a warning about the perils of triumphing over heartache.” And they express this by wearing loose suits, jangling guitar rhythms, emptying whiskey bottles, and refusing to use a bass player. They recently finished recording their second EP with producer Mitch Kordonowy which will probably deliver more soul infused melody rock that flirts as an ode to Motown. Immortal Voices created a music video for their single “Too Fast Too Close” that successfully captures the band’s taste for nostalgia by being entirely shot in black and white:

Free Bike Valet and Moheak Radio are co-presenting The Ross Sea Party‘s next March residency show at Harvard & Stone this Tuesday along with Kid Cadaver, The Lexingtonsand John Graney (from The Californian).


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