"In Cairo" by The Ross Sea Party

RSP_Noho_06Silver Lake‘s The Ross Sea Party have been busy promoting their stellar debut LP Hotel Pool. The album’s second single “In Cairo” is a riveting jive with an engaging glockenspiel intro that is a signature sound to the album (thanks to keyboardist Jacquelyn Thropay):

We asked frontman Brady Erickson for the story behind the song and he replied:

“It’s about the way that music, dancing, and body language transcend spoken language. I’ve done quite a bit of traveling and people often ask, ‘How do you deal with the language barrier?’ It’s funny though; even way out there in Turkmenistan or Syria where there’s not much English to be found, communication is always incredibly easy. Without the conventions of language sometimes you even forge a connection with people that’s more immediate and intuitive. I however, have never been to Cairo. Because of that, I think there’s a certain romance to it that actually made it easier to write about. Plus it’s a subtle nod to The Cure, one of my all time favorites.”

And to prove their evoking show performances, here’s a live video of the song filmed at the Echo Country Outpost by Sarah Fuller:

Free Bike Valet and Moheak Radio are co-presenting The Ross Sea Party‘s next March residency show at Harvard & Stone this Tuesday along with Kid Cadaver, The Lexingtons and John Graney (from The Californian).


And here’s the promo video for the residency. Apparently, The Ross Sea Party can change the weather:

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