"Best Friends" Music Video by HOLYCHILD

36870022The coed duo HOLYCHILD knows how to make waves. Their debut EP, Tribes, will soon be released but they’ve already leaked three singles –each with a superb music video. The Silver Lake-based band claims they’re sound is “experimental,” but it’s just manifold: jumping from synth grooves to dance beats to jazz breakdowns. Yet overall their appeal is pure pop and its not-so-secret ingredient is Liz Nistico’s versatile voice that can wail or carry a catchy chorus –call it Sleigh Bells-lite. The music video for their latest single “Best Friends” was shot in Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea by director Laurel Parmet and follows the band becoming acquainted with the locals, car tires, bicycle gangs, and abandoned houses:

HOLYCHILD will next perform at their EP release show at Hotel Cafe on March 21 for Blind Date LA along with Finish Ticket, The Last Royals, and Hotel Cinema.


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