"Something In The Water" by Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer lists among their influences “love, death, the mystic forest, and fog.” But this is appropriate considering their moniker. Consisting of Bridgette Moody and John Seasons, the band formed when the couple left their previous bands (Torches and Seasons respectively) and concentrated on a new focus as stated in their bio:

“To accept the light, you must acknowledge the darkness and accept it. Only then will you reach clarity.”

Together, the Silver Lake coed duo makes digi-folk pop that’s as enticing as it is spooky. Like an echo in a cave, Moody’s voice carries an eerie yet seductive vibe over soothing strums or gentle beats. This is the sound of dew forming on a chilly morning…

Haunted Summer is currently recording a single with producer Raymond Richards (Local Natives) and their debut LP Through the Woods with Samuel Bing of Fol Chen. They will continue their March residency at Casey’s this Friday with Spirit Vine and Dignitary Loss.


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