"I've Got Something I Can Laugh About" Music Video by Ash Reiter

ash-reiter_1At some point, Ash Reiter was a quaint school teacher touching young minds at an elementary school in Oakland, but then her inner muse possessed her to pursue music full-time –or maybe her drummer boyfriend (Will Halsey, also from The Blank Tapes) had some influence. The Temescal denizen recently released her second album Hola (20 Sided Records) that is chock-full of more breezy pop tracks that evoke sunshine rays and insta-frolicking (apparently she refuses to let the Bay Area‘s brisk fog affect her songwriting mood). Director Christine Hucal shot a music video for the single “I’ve Got Something I Can Laugh About” that shows what your social life might be like if accompanied by a giant clumsy rabbit:

Ash Reiter will perform with Li Xi and Couches at a 20 Sided Records’ showcase this Thursday at Origami Vinyl.

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