"Get Me Golden" Music Video by Terraplane Sun

1348874377TerraplaneSunFriendsEPShootSelectsVersions0371_lowTerraplane Sun produced a music video for their first single “Get Me Golden” off their latest Friends EP. Directed by their fellow Venice Beach resident Hso Hkam, the video revolves around an encounter with a gang of Mexican puppets that are the only patrons for one of the band’s residency shows at The Satellite last July. At first the marionettes are malevolent, but soon the music’s psych-blues grooves win them over:

Terraplane Sun will perform this Saturday at The Ranch along with RacesJeffertitti’s NileKissesThe Dustbowl RevivalZak WatersGavinMystery SkullsHOTT MTThe Diamond Light, and many many more…


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  1. […] the original malevolent Mexican marionettes version by Hso Hkam was pulled. The newer and much better version was shot at the Variety Arts Theatre in […]