"The Hardest Part" by Kisses

kissesstillshotKisses‘s latest press release claims that their second album, Kids In LA (Cascine), “is a departure from the luminosity of their first album, focusing instead on the starker wintertime in Southern California.” And while their first single “The Hardest Part” does conjure a more June Gloom vibe, it’s not that dark. The Eagle Rock co-ed duo still produced a blatant pop track with digi-beats infectious enough to dance to. But it is true that SoCal isn’t always sunny, and the song’s musical/lyrical angle easily draws parallels to a Bret Easton Ellis novel: set in the ’80s with rich kids discovering sex and drugs:

And here’s the album’s teaser trailer which was filmed and edited by David Morrison:

Kisses will perform this Saturday at The Ranch along with The Dustbowl Revival, Zak Waters, Gavin, Terraplane Sun, Mystery Skulls, HOTT MT, The Diamond Light, and many many more…


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