"You Were Young" Music Video by The Dead Ships

251710_463784900329001_1261632168_nEcho Park‘s favorite garage blues trio The Dead Ships released a music video for their whimsy single “You Were Young.” The video follows a girl with a pixie-cut through a day of wave splashing, hitchhiking, hill rolling, and party crashing. Superbly capturing the song’s theme of sweet young innocence, it reminds us of a time we all miss: when the ultimate goal of a warm Summer day was to keep having fun until the sun went down. Directed by Kelly Reed, the video was shot at El Matador Beach, Weho, and Culver City. We asked Reed how she gave the footage its look and she replied:

“It was shot on a 7D and we had a lot of fun doing lens whacking, which is where we got a lot of those light leaks and lens flares. We tried to do as many in camera effects as we could. Even most of the VCR tracking effects were done by running it through an actual VCR and pressing on the tape at different points to make it stutter.”

The Dead Ships will perform this Friday at The Central along with Holy Fever, Owl Fly South, and The Mercy Beat.


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